How do I request a prescription refill?
  The providers at Crissman Family Practice will refill your medication duration based on when they want to recheck a patient. So, if you have a three month prescription that is usually when they want to recheck you to make sure the medication is working as expected. We ask that patients check with their pharmacy when needing medication. If you have no refills, then please contact the office so the staff can check the status of your medication request. 

If a medication needs to be refilled or requested from the provider we advise that you request that medication at least 48 hours in advance. By doing this, the provider has enough time to refill that medication or request the patient be seen prior to the medication lapsing or running out. 

Crissman Family Practice does not fill or refill medications after hours or on weekends.  Medications for controlled substances are not filled or refilled after hours or on weekends. 

Remember there are no after hours prescriptions for controlled drugs.

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