How can I receive a copy of my medical records?
  To request copies of medical records, please notify the receptionist in person. There is fee for records copied for insurance, legal, and individual purposes.

This fee is set by law. (NC GS 90-411)
  • $10.00 for up to thirteen pages.
  • $.75 per page for page counts of 14-25 pages.
  • $.50 per page for page counts of 26 to 100 pages.
  • $.25 per page for page counts over 101 pages.
For example: If my records come to a total of 16 pages I can figure the cost as 16 times 75 cents. So my paper records will cost me $12. If my records are a total of 32 pages then I will multiply 32 times 50 cents and pay $16 for the paper copies.

We must have a signed release before releasing patient records. Please allow 48-72 hours processing time.

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