The North Carolina Department of Health has updated the NC Kindergarten Health Assessment Form for 2011. A link to the new form is below:
The North Carolina Public School Kindergarten Health Assessment Report
You can follow this link, fill out the form online, print it and bring to your office visit.
In order to comply with North Carolina state law each child entering Kindergarten must have a health assessment. The Kindergarten Health Assessment must not be done more than 12 calendar months prior to school entry and before the 30th calendar day after school entry. It must also be completed on the state form. The goal of the health assessment is to identify health and developmental problems which may interfere with the child's performance in school.

Instructions for parents to fill out the Kindergarten Health Assessment Report

ABSS authorization form for parents to fill out to authorize the school to give medication.

ABSS Health and Physical Education (PE) Form is available for you to fill out and print from the link below.

Here's a link to the ABSS School Health Procedures, Information and Forms website.

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