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Walking is one of the best ways of remaining fit. It costs nothing. Nothing to join. But, it does help to know how much you are walking. Pedometers are an instrument for measuring walking distance. Click here for information on a good pedometer.

Quit Smoking
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American Medical Association resources for patients   AMA - Patients

There is a wealth of medical information on the web. There is also a lot of misinformation on the web. Make sure you are finding your information from a reliable source. Below are links to the best medical information available on the web.
  • American Cancer Society  An extensive network of services and organizations that provides education, support, and additional information about the fight against cancer.

  • Web-MD   A commercial site providing health information for patients on various diseases, medications and treatments as well as access to a wide variety of products and services advertised on the site.

  • Family Doctor  Health information and daily health tips can be found on this site, established by the American Academy of Family Physicians.

  • The American Academy of Family Practice  This site provides information for the whole family from general health information on a whole host of topics including diet and nutrition, exercise, and disease prevention. Patients can search from a list of common health conditions, age and gender-specific health issues, and health issues categorized by parts and systems of the body. Patients can utilize a Body Mass Index calculator and calorie counter to gauge their general fitness level.

  • Mayo Clinic This site provides information for patients on various diseases, medications and treatments as well as access to a wide variety of products and services advertised on the site.

  • eMedicine Consumer Health Contains articles written by physicians for patients and consumers. Current medical information is available in the Health Resource, First Aid and Emergencies, Lifestyle and Wellness Centers.

  • Medline Plus Sponsored by the National Institute of Health and its National Library of Medicine this site features a medical encyclopedia, drug information and current health news. The same site in Spanish.

  •  Helps readers make smart health decisions by providing easy to understand medical knowledge and up-to-date information on all aspects of health and medicine.

  • Health Finder Features a health library and topics organized by gender, age (kids to seniors), race and ethnicity. Provided by the US Department of Health and Human Services.

Other helpful medical links:

North Carolina Medical Society

US Food and Drug Administration (FDA)

Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA)

North Carolina Healthcare Information and Communications Alliance

US Department of Health and Human Services

Alamance County Community Resources

Women's Resource Center

1343 S. Main Street

Burlington, NC 27215



The Women's Resource Center of Alamance County aims to improve and enrich the lives of women and their families in Alamance County. Activities of this organization enable women to improve their life circumstances through education and opportunities to gain skills, such as budgeting. Service learners can expect administrative opportunities, some client contact and interaction.


Alamance County Community Services Agency
1946 Martin St
Burlington, NC 27217
'A bridge to self sufficiency', ACCSA helps lower to no income families get back 'on their feet' with many programs including the Self Sufficiency program, the Home buyers program, Senior Nutrition Program, Wheels to Work Program, Emergency Food Assistance and many others.
1624 Memorial Dr
Burlington, NC 27215
Alamance Medical Assistance Program exists to enable individuals without financial means to obtain affordable life-sustaining medications with appropriate education and follow-up for the enhancement of good health. Frequent contact with elderly clients and professionalism is a must!
Open Door Clinic-Alamance County
221 N Graham Hopedale Rd
Burlington, NC 27217
Free clinic for the many people that do not have health care/insurance in North Carolina.  Volunteers provide assistance by interacting with families and children of patients as they wait to be seen by volunteer Doctors.  Hours for clinic are Tuesday/Thursday evenings.

Allied Churches  
Burlington, NC 27217
Non-denominational agency works to meet the needs of homeless and disadvantaged in our community to help them gain self-sufficiency.  Non-denominational agency works to meet the needs of homeless and disadvantaged in our community to help them gain self-sufficiency.  Mentor program for persons with disabilities. Students could possibly work directly with shelter clients-helping to meet shelter needs such as dispensing towels or with the kitchen helping to prepare meals and serve clients. Specific needs could be addressed such as helping to teach or assist with teaching "basic skills" such as hygiene and personal care.  The office may also need students to perform administration.

Healthy Alamance
Burlington, NC 27217
The activities of Healthy Alamance are designed to help improve access to, and increase awareness of, preventive health services, as well as eliminate health disparities among the disadvantaged. Each coalition works within their focus area to promote health habits to prevent or manage disease, or improve the availability of information and resources so that people know how to get the help they need.

Family Abuse Services of Alamance County
Burlington, NC 27244
Program offering services to battered women and are committed to zero tolerance of domestic violence.  Academic Service experiences are specific to Crisis line volunteer positions with required training.(to be determined for Feb.-early March)  The service positions will be filled with training and phone hours directly spent on the line. Crisis line, shelter support or Some office work, and special projects.

Loaves and Fishes Food Ministries
509 S Lexington Ave
Burlington, NC 27215
This program’s goal is to feed the hungry in our area and stamp out hunger in this community. Students working here should expect to be making bags, stocking shelves and making deliveries. Saturdays are often used as “peanut butter and jelly days” and include visiting low-income housing areas to distribute the sandwiches.
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Crissman Family Practice
214 E Elm Street
Graham, North Carolina 27253